Are you somebody who needs constant validation? Do you need validation from your boss or your employees? Do you need to be told how good you are doing at work? Do you need to be told that you are liked? Do you need to be told that you are loved? Do you need to be constantly reassured in your romantic relationships? Do you need to be constantly reassured in your friendships?

If you are facing feelings of insecurity, anxiety or angst whenever you are not getting validated, this can be a very exhausting way the live. The moment you do not get reassurance from your boss or romantic partner you start to get anxious, you may be checking your voice mail, you may be checking your WhatsApp and it makes it very hard for you to focus on anything else.

Do you find that you are often going into possible worst case scenarios, double-triple checking what you may have done wrong, what you may have said wrong, feeling constantly worried and preoccupied? Only to later, maybe a few hours later or few days later, get contact back or get some sort of  reassurance that everything is ok, that you are good and you are fine, and you are liked or you have done a good job.

Living with the need for constant validation really makes life difficult for a person. It can be a big distraction from achieving the things that you want to do in life. Although, you may be highly successful, have friendships and romantic partnerships, the amount of energy that is required to do them is taken away by this need for constant validation or worry that you are not getting constant validation.

The underlying issue with this is often rooted in complex psychological attachment and early childhood relational issues. These are constant themes that All In The Family Counselling Centre is dealing with and helping people to grow out and develop.

If you would like to have a sense of being in control of your own destiny, finding your validation enough, feeling confident and capable in what you do, knowing you are likeable and loveable and feeling happy and secure in your relationships All In The Family Counselling Centre Pte Ltd. is able to help you achieve that. We work with people all the time, helping them to develop these grown up skills and emotional regulation skills.

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