Pre-Appointment Therapy

Pre-Appointment Therapy

Are you brand new to therapy and never had done it? Are unsure if you want to commit to a first session? Do you feel overwhelmed by the different therapists, the difficulty to speak to them first before making an appointment? Are you not sure exactly how it works and the price point seems overwhelming for a service you have no idea of what you are buying?

Well, you are not alone. You can learn about therapy here:

Usually people engage in therapy during a crisis point in their life. They are scared, overwhelmed and don’t know where to turn.

In your most vulnerable moment when you are looking for help, you are faced with other roadblocks. Difficulty to reach a therapist, no access to speak to them and possibly a hard time making an appointment.

Well at All in the Family Counselling Centre Pte. Ltd, we understand your frustration. Unfortunately, mental professionals are not the best at marketing and explaining our services. Part of that is because what we do is so unique and individualized to each and every client.

If you are considering therapy and but unsure you want to commit to a first session, we have created a 50 minute plus video education series that you can purchase for $50 Singapore. This video can be watched at your pace and at your own time. You can get the videos here:

It’ll allow you to learn about therapy and meet our lead therapist Tammy Fontana.

You can get the Video Series here:

The video will cover common therapy concerns:

  • The First Appointment
  • Why you can’t discuss your situation over the phone before an appointment
  • How to select a therapist
  • The difference between therapy and when you are facing a personal or relationship crisis
  • Discussion of what actually is therapy

Please go now and watch videos:

Or can book an appointment by WhatAapp us at +6590307239

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Through an initial consultation we'll help you frame goals and outcomes of therapy and what that would look like to achieve it.

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