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Do you feel like you need a vacation to relax and feel better? Do you keep saying that your relationship needs help so you should take a vacation? Do you want to go on a holiday but the planning and organizing is overwhelming you? Do you lack the time to research an amazing holiday that would rejuvenate you? Does planning a holiday with your partner often produce fights?

As a therapist, a common issue that I am helping couples and individuals with is planning. Many people want to be spontaneous. They want to just buy tickets and show up at a destination and spontaneously have an amazing time. They want to have spontaneous sex. They want to have spontaneous fun. They want to just have things fall into place without any planning.

In the adult world, this rarely ever happens. Nothing good is ever spontaneous. Many people are overscheduled and overwhelmed and don’t feel they have the time to plan. They want areas of their life to be free and easy. Many people look to sex as a place to relax. However, in a busy adult world with 12 plus hour workdays, children, housekeeping and often aging parents, nothing is going to happen if it isn’t planning.

Many people struggle to really get the most out of their holidays.

All in the Family Counselling Pt Ltd and understands that people need to plan to have an amazing time. We have developed intensives that are 1 to 5 days long in the Southeast Asia regions. We plan out a trip and program for you. We provide a structured planning outing that will address mental health needs and relationship needs for couples or individuals.

We know how important it is for you to connect to yourself. This can only happen through planning. We provide a program that maximizes your ability to relax and engage in nature while at the same time working on important mental health and relationships skills.

We have a structured program that we customize for individuals or couples. We provide group intensives as well private intensives for those that don’t want to be a part of a group.


·       More energy

·       More enjoyment of life

·       More appreciation of loved ones

·       Clarity of vision – professionally & personally

·       Gourmet food and cultural experiences

·       Individual, couples, and/or group therapy

If you are interested in getting more from your life and relationship in a short amount of time, consider one of intensives. Contact to learn about upcoming ones or have one designed for you. Contact us at or whatsapp us at +6590307239

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