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Do you find yourself getting overwhelmed? When you get overwhelmed, do you feel angry and out of control? Or, when you get overwhelmed, do you feel scared, alone and unsafe? Are you tired of feeling this way? Do you want help, but don’t know where to turn?

Feelings of overwhelmed can often produce impulsive behaviors.  Overwhelmed feelings can result in impulsive and self-harming to oneself, or they can be coming out in ways of anger and aggression at loved. Once the feeling of overwhelmed leaves, you faced with how you acted under that strong emotions. Then you have to deal with the consequences of your choices and behaviors. Other times, feeling overwhelmed results in hysterical behaviors, demanding behaviors – you may find people leave you because they don’t know how to be close to you or help in those times.

If you are tired of feeling unsafe and out of control therapy can help you learn skills and tools to deal with these feelings of being overwhelmed. Therapy is effective way to help you to develop necessary skills to learn how to cope and soothe yourself, as well as change how you approach difficulties, adversities and disappointment. Therapy helps you develop self-reflective and self-awareness skills so that you are not overcome by situations that produce these feelings.

Many times people are not aware that learning how to self-soothe, think about difficult situations and handle adversity, are actually skills one needs to learn. Many times, through no fault of the person’s own, people do not get the necessary skills that they need, because they did not have parents who are able to teach them in an effective manner. The good news is that these skills can be learned at any point in our life. They do require a commitment of building a relationship with your therapist and coming to regular therapy. The reward for your hard work lt is feeling in control, calm, confident, stable, and being able to live a life that is not driven by anxiety.

If you would like to explore how therapy might help you deal with overwhelming and strong feelings that can lead to destructive behaviors towards self or others, contact Tammy Fontana at All in the Family Counseling Centre Pte. Ltd. to learn how therapy may be helpful to you. She can be reached at +6590307239

Tammy Fontana, our lead therapist, can provide you with flexible solutions of in-office, online video session or intensive therapy retreats for you or your corporate team. No longer will business travel or extended overseas stays interrupt your ability to get high quality consistent therapy. We have you covered.

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