Ignoring Leads to Crisis

Ignoring Leads to Crisis

Do you have a hard time facing difficult realities in your life? Are you in a marriage in which there is no sex and intimacy for a long period of time and having a hard time facing it? Have you been putting off, or avoiding dealing with the constant, recurring complaints that your spouse is telling you about your work situation, your home life, your health, or the way you parent?

Have you been avoiding dealing with long-standing issues at work, only hoping they will go away? Have you been ignoring your financial situation for a long time because it’s too painful to face? Are you having drinking issues that are too overwhelming and difficult to deal with, so you continue to ignore them? Is denial and ignoring often the way to help you deal with the painful feelings that come about due to the difficult situations that you have in your life that you don’t know how to deal with?

            Unfortunately for many people, when they have very difficult things or situations in their life that produce very negative feelings such as embarrassment, shame, powerlessness, fear, they ignore them. Many people don’t have any better solution to deal with those strong feelings other than to ignore, or be in denial of, the source of those feelings.

People who are having no sex life in their marriage will often ignore the importance of a sex life. If you are having financial concerns, the person chooses to ignore the reality of their financial situation saying they will worry about it later, or they tell themselves everything will be ok. If you are relying a lot on drugs and alcohol, you may rationalize it saying Everybody does it or I don’t do it as bad as they do.

Learning to ignore or be in denial of difficult situations eventually leads to a crisis in one’s life. Many times the person will then say I didn’t see this coming or I didn’t know this would happen, How could this have happened. The reality is, most crises that result from denial could have been avoided or presented. However, many people, through no fault of their own, lack the skills and the emotional regulation and self-awareness to deal with them.

If you don’t want to have to have a crisis be a motivating factor for you to do change, or address difficult things in your life, therapy is precisely designed to help people navigate the strong feelings that arise from difficult situations. Therapy helps people to face reality and come up with practical solutions, learn how to be self-aware and self emotionally regulating, so that they can solve their life problem. It is in this way that people can avoid having crises and have more choices by seeing things that are coming and then take a more proactive approach.

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