Preparing to prevent a crisis

Preparing to prevent a crisis

Are you somebody who worries a lot and is always worrying about the next crisis? Are you concerned about the next financial crisis that you may be facing and don’t know what to do? Are you worried about how to handle losing your important romantic relationship? Are you worried about the next marriage crisis that you may face? Are you unsure how to handle and plan for crises, and find yourself consumed with worry?

  Many people only seek out therapy after a crisis has struck, and they are overwhelmed after they have exhausted every other option. While this is an understandable course, because many people don’t understand the value and benefit of using therapy to avoid crises, this article is addressing how do you prepare and crisis-proof your life.

One of the things therapy helps people do is to ground themselves in reality and face very difficult aspects of their life that they may have a hard time with. Often different difficult issues in our life produce very negative emotions. Many people’s reactions to dealing with negative emotions coming from unpleasant realities of their life is to go into denial.

Are you in a marriage where your partner doesn’t want to have sex with you and you don’t know what to do, and so you ignore it? Are you in a financial situation in which you are spending more money than you are saving, but rather than face this reality, you continue to ignore it and put things on your credit card? Do you continue to have health issues resulting from poor diet, drinking, smoking or being overweight, and rather than face the reality of it, you continue to ignore it?

These are common issues that people face, and it’s often until a crisis or something blows up that people finally take action. However, at the time the crisis blows up, the action required is often more complicated and takes more energy as well as the crisis itself is draining.

If you want to start facing the difficult realities in your life with the help and support of a professional who can help you navigate and create a plan, help you to deal with the feelings that come out from reality, Tammy Fontana at All in the Family Counselling Centre can help you.

Tammy Fontana will help you build a life that makes you more prepared and helps you prevent crises. Worrying alone doesn’t do anything. Worrying just gives us the illusion of doing something while nothing is actually changing. For us to prevent crises we need to face difficult realities, operate in the facts and be deeply grounded in reality, which requires us to have good self-reflection, self-awareness and emotional regulation skill so that we can process all the information given to us.

            If you would like to learn how All in the Family Counseling can help you deal with difficult issues in your life before they become a crisis, please contact us at +6590307239.

And remember, All in the Family Counseling provides a wide range of services, from online therapy to in-office, intensive and retreats. We offer flexible therapy so that you can get the support and services that you need. No longer is travelling or being in another country a reason not to seek out help from a high-quality therapist.

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