My partner won’t do therapy… What do I do?

My partner won’t do therapy… What do I do?

Are you desperate to do therapy but your partner won’t attend? Have you been asking repeatedly for your partner to come and do counselling and they keep refusing? Have you called and made appointments with therapist only to have to cancel at the last minute because you partner won’t go? Do you really want to do something to improve your relationship or even save it?

One of the common mistakes people think is that you need to have your partner with you to do couple counselling. All In The Family Counselling Centre Ptd Ltd often works with individuals who are proactive and wanting to save their relationship. You have 100% control over your half of the relationship. By you becoming self-aware of your own feelings, learning how to set boundaries, learning how to understand the messages your partner is giving you through their behavior, their action or lack of action or choices. Therapy can help you to communicate better, relate better and set better boundaries.

Too often couples are engaged in a power struggle and therapy is just another power struggle in which one person is trying to get the other person to do something they do not want to do. If this sounds familiar to you, do not turn therapy into another power struggle.

If you bring somebody into therapy who really does not want to go, they will make sure to make therapy not work. As therapists, we can only help people that want our help. If you have a partner who is really resistant to therapy you have the decision now to work on yourself and your half of the relationship.

We strongly encourage you to reach out to us and find out how we can help you work on a relationship even if your partner is not there.

Things that we help individuals, working on their relationship, to improve:

  • setting better boundaries,
  • learning how to read the messages that your partner is sending you through their action, lack of action and/or choices,
  • helping you to communicate better,
  • helping you to better accept situations and feelings in which things are not going the way you want,
  • learning self-soothing skills and self-regulation skills in order to be able to reduce the conflict in your relationship.


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All In The Family Counselling has been providing therapy for over a decade. We have been providing online therapy to offer greater flexibility, consistency and superior outcomes since 2015. All In The Family Counselling has extensive experience working with difficult cases, attachment issues, trauma, infidelity, anxiety and depression. Contact us now to get the life in a relationship you want.

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