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Are you considering starting therapy for yourself or as a couple? Are you confused and overwhelmed by what therapist to choose? Are you having a hard time deciding what criteria to pick from? Are you getting confused by different terms and criteria and evaluation? Perhaps you have never done therapy before and you are not sure what you should choose.

Looking for a therapist during the time of personal distress or crisis is a difficult task. People are overcomed with strong feelings of embarrassment, concern and thoughts about what counselling means for them. Oftentime, many people have a negative stigma associated with therapy that makes it difficult for them to reach out to friends or family for a referral. So people are left to search for a therapist online, looking at profiles on websites, trying to make sense of what information to take in to decide who to see. The task can be confusing and overwhelming.

Most people, during their search, are asking common questions about therapy such as: what is your price, what is your location. But are these the best criteria to make the decision on?

At All In The Family Counselling our lead therapist has over a decade of therapy. She has her Master’s Degree and has conducted extensive ongoing training and has been mentored and supervised by some of the leading therapists in the world to ensure she can deliver high quality therapy to complex situations. Tammy Fontana with her training and expertise allow her to work with difficult cases such as infidelity, trauma and complex attachment issues.

People, whether individually or in a couple, who are facing issues around anxiety, insecurity, anger and fear, that make it difficult for them to manage their own life or be in a relationship, are areas that Miss Fontana works on. She has experience working extremely difficult cases or people with strong emotions.

When selecting and considering a therapist, one of the most important things to consider is actually the therapist. To consider their training, their ongoing supervision with leading therapist and education. You want to consider your ability to form a relationship with the therapist, how the therapist is able to manage and plan your treatment. The therapist’s must be able to relate to you, make you feel comfortable and handle difficult situations that are likely to arise in therapy.

One of the mistakes people make when they are selecting a therapist, especially when they have never done therapy, is to focus on the office or the location or strictly the price. While, these things are  important, it is actually the therapist and their skill that matter the most. This is what you are really coming to therapy for, the therapist and their ablity to work with you and your issues.

Too often people are focused on the wrong thing like the office, or location or gender. The therapist is which is the most important factor, not their office or mode of deliver of the therpay. What you as a potential patient want to consider is therapist’s level of experience, knowledge and skill to help you navigate and achieve your therapy goal.

Tammy Fontana, at All In The Family Counselling Center PTE LTD, is just that therapist. She has extensive ability to quickly analyze and assess an individual or couple’s issues, help you construct goals and set realistic outcomes. She will talk directly and plainly to you about your situation and what is required. She provides a variety of ways to best deliver the therapy as determined by her.

The therapist is the one, just as a doctor, who needs to determine you treatment. Therapy is very different than selecting wedding planning or some other consulting business. Seeing a therapist is similar to seeing a doctor in which the doctor will help you describe your goals, what is wrong and recommend the best course of treatment. As a client, of course, it is your decision whether or not you want to select what the therapist is providing. But again, with great therapist having this conversations is an important part of therapy and an important part of developing a team.

If you would like to find out how we can help you, please contact us at +65 9030 7239, WhatsApp is preferred, or email us at to find out how we can help you.  All in the Family Counselling Centre Pte Ltd has been providing therapy for over a decade to Singapore and SE Asia. We have extensive experience in working in difficult cases of anxiety, attachment issues, Sexuality and relationship matters. Contact us to learn more.

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