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All In The Family Counselling Center and Centar za nove početke providing you with a retreat to cultivate pleasure and reactivate your intimacy, love and sex life. We are going to the retreat or tackle all 5 senses of sight, sound, touch, taste and kinesthetic. From a taste, your palette will be awaken to culinary pleasures of Croatia. Croatia is a ”garden of Eden” and you will have experiences of tasting lavender, extra-virgin olive oil, all of the fruits of the Mediterranean, the freshest sea food, delectable pastries and meats of pork, beef of the region, sausages, unique to Istria, Dalmatia and Central Croatia. By igniting your taste and connecting into these pleasures, it will help you with sex.

Visually, Croatia is a stunning place that will connect you to nature. This will help you connect to the auditory and visual sensations needed to be awaken and connect you to the pleasures associated with this. Learn how to reconnect through daily meditative walks and nature, listening to the sounds of the sea shore, watching the sunrise and the sunset, and engaging into visual beauty that will stir deep internal passions in you, producing feelings you have likely never felt before. Everything we do is to produce a feeling and connecting to nature, the visual walks, the stunning beauty will help you to know what this feels like and enable you to start to do things in your sex life to achieve it.

Touch will come through walking on sand, swimming in the sea side, engaging in physical activities that will connect you to your body and your vitaly sensations. We will be going bike rides, walks, swimming in sea side, all customized to your comfort level and ability. All of these activities will combine all 5 senses producing new feelings and sensations.

In order to create the most calm and relaxing experience for you to open up and connect to your partner, we will be planning and organising all activities. Therefore, we are eliminating anxiety from that, while at the same time giving you ample downtime to rest, relax, reflect, engage in activities that you might want to do on your own. Croatia retreats will also provide education and individual/couple therapy. Therapy retreats enhance and process strong feelings and emotions that might be coming up.

If you would like to learn more about All In The Family Counselling retreats and upcoming programmes, contact us at +65 9030 7239. Tammy Fontana, our lead expat English-speaking therapist, can schedule an initial appointment with you to help you understand how therapy and our retreats can help you achieve the love life you long for.

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