Do you struggle with binge eating? Does eating high fat and sugary food give you a high that make you feel good and comforted? Does the consequence of binge eating affect you financially as well as your health? Do you often feel isolated and lonely? Do you feel shame and stigma with how you are dealing with your feelings? Would you like to stop eating down your feelings and learn better ways to deal with them, as well as deal with anxiety, depression and other relational issues that may be masked up with the binge eating?

When people turn to food for comfort from loneliness, isolation, depression, anxiety, anger, these are all issues that are actually feeling issues, not food problems. Too often people think binge eating is a matter of will power or a dieting issue, when in fact, binge eating is often a person’s best attempt to regulate really big feelings that they don’t know how to deal with. Typical feelings that people will eat down are anger, anxiety, depression, procrastination is often a source of anxiety that results in people binge eating.

Many people carry a lot of stigma and shame and are afraid of seeking help because they feel embarrassed. They think that they are weak, have bad will power and often beat themselves up.

Binge eating and eating food for comfort and emotional regulation is really a mental health issue that can be addressed through therapy. Ms. Fontana at All in the Family Counselling Centre, helps people who don’t know how to regulate their feelings and use food and eating as a way of comforting and soothing themselves.

If you would like to learn a better way to deal with your feelings, how to relate to yourself, get a better sense of self-worth, self-esteem and self-image, therapy is a process which can help you. Ms. Fontana has great outcome with the individuals who want to learn better and healthy ways to deal with their feelings, their life and their relationships. Contact us at +65 9030 7239 to get help.

All in the Family Counselling has been providing therapy in Southeast Asia and Singapore for just under two decades. Tammy Fontana, lead therapist, is an extremely experienced therapist with clinical training in complex developmental trauma, attachment, anxiety, depression and helps individuals achieve the life and relationships they want. Contact us now to learn more.

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