Are you just not making any progress in your life the way you want to? Do you feel like you are often bored and other than work don’t know what to do with yourself? Is your life unfulfilling? Do you have things that you do but nothing that gives you meaning?

All in the Family Counselling Centre and My New Beginnings Club help clients to build a life. One of the things that is required for good mental health is a full and rich life. We refer to these as pillars. The pillars of life include a career that gives meaning, good friends and relationships, forms of self-care that include health and physical fitness. But outside of this, people also need to build interests and this can be challenging if you haven’t established these interests in childhood.

All in the Family Counselling helps clients to enhance their therapy by doing individual retreats as well as group retreats. Our retreats are designed to help people explore nature and peace and calm and to have experiences. While they may look like a vacation or holiday, they are carefully crafted and individualized to help people have certain experiences to learn about themselves, of what they like and what they don’t like.

We also design retreats that people can start to have experiences of what it feels to actually have the feeling of safety, to have the feeling of calm, to have the feeling of peace, to have the quiet and space they need to be able to self-reflect and learn what they like.

Our retreats incorporate nature, because nature has been documented through research to be very healing. We also have the ability to expose people to wide range of activities, such as horseback riding, swimming in the Adriatic Sea, various nature hikes, dancing, sailing, fishing and a number of other activities that can be customized to you.

If you are looking to rejuvenate yourself or your relationship, our therapy combined with our retreats can be a way to help you do this. Our retreats, especially the individualized ones, are about helping you grow and are like six months of therapy done in one week. If you would like more information, contact us at +65 9030 7239 or email

All in the Family Counselling Centre has been providing therapy in Southeast Asia and Singapore for just under two decades. Tammy Fontana, lead therapist, is a clinically trained mental health counsellor, psychologist and clinical sex therapist. She has developed a team in the Mediterranean of Croatia, Pula, to provide clients with retreats. Contact us to learn more!

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