Concepts of Marriage: Part 2 of 3

Concepts of Marriage: Part 2 of 3

This workshop is the 2nd workshop in a 3-part series of how to build a Great Marriage that can beat the Odds series. You can attend this workshop on its own or you can purchase all three workshops up front. You do not need to attend any other workshops to get the benefit of this workshop

Globally marriages have a 50% failure rate by year 7, 2ndmarriages have a 70% failure rate. People do not learn the skills they need to be successful at marriage and therefore marriage is our least successful adult relationship and also are most costly to our health, our financial well-being and the child it produces when it doesn’t go well. No one would get on an airplane with a 50% chance of surviving the trip, and yet people jump into marriage figuring it will work out. Preparing yourself with the skills for a successful marriage ensures you beat the odds.

The goal people have when they set out to get married is to building a happy and mutually fulfilling relationship. There are specific concepts couples need to have about how effective marriage work. Concepts are beliefs or ideas that translate into behaviors. If a couple doesn’t have the concepts of marriage it is very hard for them to do these behaviors.

More important the key concepts of marriage are often only learned after years of trying to do a marriage ineffectively and they come into counselling. Learning these concepts and behaviors for a healthy and successful marriage is key to do when people are in love and happy and the sense of team work is high. This is a great time to make changes when the stakes are low and the love is high. Learning these concepts ensures couples success even after the honeymoon period wears off and life becomes more complicated and stressful through work, babies, financial difficulties, in-laws and money issues.

This 2 hour work will provide couples with concepts for running an effective marriage and how to do these concepts. To maximize benefit from this workshop, its advised to attend the final installment of our workshop will help couples further learn the behaviors need to be effective in the implementation of these workshop.

Topics Covered:

  • Examination of the common marriage model “Doing it for the other person” and why this model is not sustainable and contributes to 50% divorce rate
  •  Presenting the healthy model of marriage and what it looks like
  •  Individual responsibilities
  •  Creating a common pivot or platform for making decisions
  •  Truths and concepts that marriage must address to be successful
  • The concept of US- building 1 version of the marriage we both want
  • The purpose of Marriage
  •  If it’s not love, then what makes marriage work
  • Giving in is NOT compromising- concept of Win-Win
  • Defining marriage contracts: building out the contract behind marriage vows of  “…to love, honor and cherish”
  • Compatibility is not is not enough to make a marriage work because no wants what you want and how to deal with this effectively in a marriage
  •  It is 100%/100% to make marriage work 50%-50%
  • Fair is not equal
  • To love is to invite pain into your: learning how to deal with pain in a relationship
  • Your Freedom  in a relationship is changed- NOT taken away
  • Done right, marriage is a platform that allows you to do MORE not less

Target Audience

·         Couples thinking about or planning to get married

·         People in a long term relationship and want help to get better at doing their relationship

·         Couples in the honeymoon period of the marriage

·         Any married person wanting to learn about effective marriage skills

Speaker Profile: Tammy M. Fontana, Lead Relationship Therapist, MS NCC CTRT. See her Profile

Questions: email us for more information

Location of Talk: 55 Market Street, Level 10. Next the Bank of Singapore Building in the heart of the CDB. The workshop location is a 3 minute walk from the Raffles Place MRT.

Date: April 3, 2014

Start and end Time:

Start time is 6:30pm

End time: 8:30pm

Snack: light snacks and coffee and water provided. Please feel free to bring food. There are restaurants nearby you go to after the workshop

Cost: Please note this is one talk in a series of 3 talks you can purchase just 1 talk at a time as a standalone or get a 20% discount if you purchase all 3 talks up front. Either way, each talk is full of practical relationship information

Individual Single ticket: $80

Engaged, committed or married couple: $150

Series of 3 talks Purchase in advance: $360

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