Conscious communication: Part 1 of 3

Conscious communication: Part 1 of 3

This workshop is a foundation workshop in a 3-part Building a Marriage that can beat the Odds series. You can purchase the single workshop or receive a discount if you purchase all three workshops upfront.

Communication is a big part of any relationship and one of the areas that everyone seems to have the most difficulty. This workshop well help couples understand what effective romantic relationship communication looks like and how people can go wrong. The skills of communication you use at work or with your child will not work in a romantic relationship setting.

Globally, marriages have a 50% failure rate by year 7, 2ndmarriages have a 70% failure rate. People do not learn the skills they need to be successful at marriage and therefore marriage is our least successful adult relationship. A bad marriage is costly to our health, our financial well-being and the children it produce.

No one would get on an airplane with a 50% chance of surviving the trip, and yet people jump into marriage figuring it will work out. Preparing yourself with the skills for a successful marriage ensures you beat the odds. Communication skills in a romantic relationship are keep to relationship success.


The goal people have when they set out to get married is to building a happy and mutually fulfilling relationship. Couples use the tool of communication to share their visions and dreams of what they want the marriage to look.


The ability to effectively communication in a romantic relationship in order to create this happy union is a lot more complex than many people realize. The communication skills you use as a parent or boss or employee do not work in a romantic relationship. This workshop will show you what you need to know to be an effective communicator in your romantic relationship.


Communication as a tool has many components and this course is designed to educate people or couples on how to be more effective in using this tool to build the relationship they want.


This 2 hour work will provide couples with concrete skills that they can implement immediately after the workshop.

Topics Covered:

  • What is communication: Exploring that it is a tool not the platform of a relationship
  • What are ineffective Relationship Communications Patterns: Patterns and behavior styles that result in misunderstanding and conflict
  • Purpose of Communication: Clarifying what you are using the tool communication for and consequences of not knowing this
  • Understanding All components of communication: Perception filters, belief systems, expectations, body language and behaviors, styles and
  • The Anatomy of Conflict
    • Hint it isn’t actually a communication problem
    • Understand how not wanting the same thing and how you talk about this contributes to effective or ineffective conflict
    • Leveraging conflict to build intimacy
    • Statistical fact: EVEN HAPPY couples spend 80% of their time in conflict, so you need to be good at it to make it work for your relationship
    • Establishing what is healthy relationship communication framework
  • Establishing a Communication Framework
    • How to develop health negotiation
    • Creating a unified perception filter
    • Establishing clear goals for communication and how to do this
    • Moving away from content of fights and developing a process to managing conflict
    • Replacing right/wrong good/bad discussion to how handle to handle these differences.
    • Defining honest talk and how it relates to effective conflict resolution


Target Audience

·         Couples thinking about or planning to get married

·         Couples in a relationship that are struggling with communication issues

·         Anyone that would like to improve their communication skill in personal relationships


Speaker Profile: Tammy M. Fontana, Lead Relationship Therapist, MS NCC CTRT. See her Profile

Location of Talk: 55 Market Street, Level 10. Next the Bank of Singapore Building in the heart of the CDB. The workshop location is a 3 minute walk from the Raffles Place MRT.

Date: March 20, 2014

Start and end Time:

Start time is 6:30pm

End time: 8:30pm

Snack: light snacks and coffee and water provided. Please feel free to bring food. There are restaurants nearby you go to after the workshop

Cost: Please note this is one talk in a series of 3 talks you can purchase just 1 talk at a time as a standalone or get a 20% discount if you purchase all 3 talks up front. Either way, each talk is full of practical relationship information

Individual Single ticket: $80

Engaged or married couple: $150

Series of 3 talks Purchase in advance: $360

Individual Attendee: $80


Couple : $150


Series of 3 Talks purchased in advance : $360


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