How we Help Couples

How We Help Couples

Our therapist specializes in the complete relationship life cycle. For adults relationship we have specialized training and experience in infidelity, communication, conflict resolutions, divorce and sex therapy. A relationship therapist is skilled in individual issues and then receives additional systemic training for handling relationships.

Going it Solo for Marriage Counselling: When only one person wants to make their marriage better, we help that individual do that. Forcing your spouse into counselling won’t be effective. But when an individual learns to be more effective and takes control over their half of the marriage, they can see improvements. We teach them how.

Sex & Intimacy: Our therapist is a USA trained Sex Therapist. She helps couples learn how to talk about and resolve sexual aspects of their relationship. The most important sex organ in the human body is the mind. When couples in romantic relationships are not getting along outside the bedroom, this often leads to conflict in the bedroom. Sex therapy is about teaching couples more effective ways to communicate and resolve conflict both inside and outside of the bedroom.

Infidelity counselling: Relationships unfortunately experience a betrayal of the marriage contract. We provide clients with a strong framework that emphasizes personal control and responsibility of both parties. We help couples to work through the difficult issues that come out of infidelity and often ones that pre-date the infidelity.

Common infidelity issues that must be resolved: Who owns the relationship? Is the relationship even worth saving? How do we deal with the hurt both people are experiencing that allows for us to repair the relationship? Is there one version of the marriage that both people want, and if so, how do we create it.  A professional relationship counsellor can provide a safe, non-judgemental framework for couples to work through these difficult issues

Resolving Parenting Disputes: High rates of relationship issues stem from couples inability to come to an agreement on one version of parenting that they are both happy to do. Research has shown that after the birth of a first child there is a 66% decrease in marital satisfaction. Couples grossly under estimate how children change a relationship.

As a relationship therapist we have significant training in child development and parenting skills. We help couples create one cohesive parenting model that they can be both satisfied with. Aligning couples on parenting reduces tension and improves marriage quality.  When parents cannot agree on how to parent, it can often bleeds into other areas of the marriage.

Divorcing Couples We help couples end their marriage and work through the loss, grief and anger that can result from a failed marriage. Creating an amicable ending is especially important when children are involved.

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