Dating after divorce

Do you find yourself single and navigating the dating scene? Are the dating apps confusing and overwhelming to you? Have you been dating for a while, and now that the novelty has worn off you are feeling disillusioned by the prospects of finding a partner? Are you tired of being disappointed by your first date that never materializes into a second date? Are you struggling to set your boundaries around how you want to be treated? Does navigating your boundaries around sex confuse you and produce anxiety? Do you want higher quality dates? Do you want dating to be more fun?

Many people after years of being married and post-divorce are trying to date again. It can be really overwhelming to get back out there and meet people. The dating apps give the illusions of a lot of choice, but the reality may be different. Many people, perhaps yourself, want a relationship, but may find it confusing by how the people to talk you on these apps. You may be confused how to screen people, how to manage first dates, how to manage sexual advances and sexual messages.

Learning how to date with effective outcome, i.e. a relationship, is a lot of work. It requires a strong sense of self and good boundaries. You need a full and happy life to be in the best position to date. Most of all, understanding that dating is work, while it can be fun, it is effortful to get out there and meet people. Dating inherently has a lot of rejection in it, both of you and you rejecting the other person.

If you find that you are looking for someone to complete you or make up for your sad life, this may be source of difficulty in dating. Most people want to find someone who is whole and happy to share their life with. If you want to be that person, therapy can help you.

Therapy isn’t about offer quick fixes or gimmick tips and tricks. Instead, therapy is about helping you to become the best and happiest version of yourself so that you set boundaries. Boundaries are what teach the world, and specifically potential dates about who you are and how to treat you. If you struggle with low self-esteem after a bad marriage or a terrible divorce, dating can be an emotional minefield.

Therapy would be customized to you but can help you learn your own value and resolve your self-esteem issues. Therapy helps you to learn how to process and effectively manage your feelings, which are vital for establishing and managing your boundaries. Therapy will help develop solid boundaries that will help you to screen candidates and avoid wasting time and emotional energy on the wrong people and get to the right people quickly.

If you would like to have feelings that more accurately match your reality, the process of therapy can help you achieve this. Therapy provides a structured, safe and healthy relationship to help a person be able to recognize and process their feelings to make informed and healthy decisions and behaviors. If you want your life and relationships to better, don’t wait. Help is there for you.

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