Do you know how to date?

Do you know how to date?

Are you recently divorced and just started dating again and feel overwhelmed? Are you exploring using dating apps such as Tinder or Bumble and feel overwhelmed and confused by how to manage the interactions? Are you confused by how to go from messaging someone to getting a date? Do you find that you are spending way too much time on the apps looking for love? Does your self-esteem rise and fall depending on if you get a “like” or someone has messaged you from the apps?

Human beings are social animals. We need to belong to groups and have relationships. Many people are longing to find and intimate relationship. However, dating today is more confusing than ever. Many people, both men and women, are willing to engage in non-committed sexual relationships, meaning that exclusivity isn’t a requirement to have sex. Many people have a lot of choice and continue to date and look around. Many people don’t want to settle and keep dating and looking.

If you are constantly on the receiving end of being told that the person you are dating doesn’t want to be a relationship or doesn’t want to be exclusive that can be hugely frustrating and disappointing. Are you tired of hearing that and feel powerless to do anything about it?

Well therapy can help you learn how to date smarter and more effectively. People are constantly telling us and showing us who they are. If you want to learn how to better spot who you should be investing in and who you should cut it off with, therapy can you.

If you want to learn better tools to screen people out and find who is likely candidate for a long-term committed partnership, therapy can you.

I help many people, men and women, learn effective relationship skills so that they can date without the disappointment and hurt that can come from romantic encounters. I can help you screen potential dates from the dating applications and learn how to set healthy boundaries to better help you evaluate a potential suitor. I help people work out their thoughts about intimacy and when they should be intimate. I help them learn how to ask the effective questions to learn if the person they are seeing is worth investing in.

Therapy provides a structured, safe and healthy relationship to help a person be able to recognize and process their feelings to make informed and healthy decisions and behaviors. If you want your life and relationships to better, don’t wait. Help is there for you.

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