Parenting skills

Enhancing parenting skills can be an important part of improving a child’s behavior and a complementary aspect of your child’s therapy. We  will collaborate with the parental system in order to enhancing your existing skills. Many of the problem behaviors such as whinning, temper tantrums, aggression, disobedience and noncompliance can be eliminated through enhanced parenting skills and sleep management.

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All in the Family Counselling provides parents with an evidenced-based and proven Parenting Skills Development (PSD) program, to help building positive relationship between parent and child. Our skills enhancement will help you develop positive self-concept in a child while teaching a child to develop an internal sense of control and how to make positive choices. Most importantly, we can make parenting fun for you so that you don’t need to use yelling, blaming, criticizing, complaining and nagging to get your children to comply.

Tangible benefits of our PSD program usually include:

  • Better parent/child relationship
  • Shift from nagging parent to coach
  • Improved educational performance of the child at school
  • Better Compliance of Homework
  • Reduced Family tensions
  • Increased cooperation
  • Overall improved family cohesion and happiness

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