Marriage Skills

Do you want to make your marriage better and happier? Are you feeling sad and frustrated that your marriage was once so full of promise is now hitting difficulties? Do you struggle with communicating, disappointments, anger and frustration in your marriage? Is it hard for you to communicate and express your needs in ways that your partner will understand? Do you often find that you don’t understand your partner? At the end of the day, do you feel that you should be having a happier marriage than you currently do? Do you want help to get the marriage you and your partner deserve?

Having a happy marriage is a foundation for producing happy children through effective parenting, being able to participate in your community and environment, and being more effective at work. When couples are unhappy in their marriage, it is a huge distraction from the tasks and chores at hand, such as parenting, caring for aging parents and being effective at work. Studies have shown that an unhappy marriage actually shortens your life!

People get together in marriage to help them live a better life than they could on their own. People often aspire to get married to have children, to have somebody to talk to, to travel with and, ultimately, to have somebody to grow old with.

A happy marriage, however, requires a lot of work and commitment, and learning how to live with a person that is very different than you. A happy marriage requires people to develop communication skills to be able to effectively express anger and disappointment to be able to express their needs and to learn how effectively negotiate the endless differences that occur between two people when they live together.

If you would like to learn how you can have a happy marriage through better communication, please contact Tammy Fontana at All in the Family Counseling Centre Pte. Ltd. to learn how you could get the tools and skills for a happier marriage. When people give therapy the time it needs and commits to the process, marriages do improve.

Tammy Fontana, our lead therapist, can provide you with flexible solutions of in-office, online video session or intensive therapy retreats for you or your corporate team. No longer will business travel or extended overseas stays interrupt your ability to get high quality consistent therapy. We have you covered.

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