Lonely in Bad Relation

Lonely in Bad Relation

Are you in a relationship that causes you a lot of pain and suffering but the fear of loneliness prevents you from leaving? Do you often have attacks of loneliness or maybe emptiness, when you have too much time on your hand or your partner isn’t with you? Does the fear of never finding somebody else better, keeping you stuck in a relationship that is no longer good for you? Are you confused that you continue to stay in a relationship even though you know it is bad for you and your friends tell you it is bad for you but you don’t seem able to leave and this is frustrating for you and you don’t understand it?

Many people get stuck in a relationship because of the fear of loneliness and emptiness or the fear that they will never meet anyone else. Many people are struggling with the fear of loneliness and think that the only solution to loneliness is finding a romantic partner who will complete them. There is a problem with thinking about this feeling this way.

Many people with the feelings of loneliness or emptiness treat this feeling like a fact. They often are not able to take in the positive feelings from relationships they do have with friends, co-workers, acquaintances and people that they meet through professional groups. In their mind, the only relationship that counts is a romantic partnership. They are often looking for a romantic partnership to fill this loneliness. They believe a romantic partner will complete them.

Many people treat the feeling of loneliness or emptiness like the feeling of hunger. Hunger is a feeling that once we recognize it, we can solve it. You can eat something, and the hunger goes away.

The feeling of loneliness or emptiness is not like hunger. It cannot be solved by sticking a person in it. And the mistake that many people make with chronic loneliness is that it’s a solvable feeling. If only they could find the right partner who would love them unconditionally.

This belief that loneliness can be filled by romantic partner who can complete them and that would love them keeps them stuck in a series of endlessly bad relationships that are marked by lots of drama, tension, often escalating fights and a lot of instability until they end. The person will often do many things that are bad for them just to keep this relationship. If this sounds familiar to you and you would like help with this, there are clinically effective ways to treat this.
The feelings of loneliness often have roots that are not related to present day situations. True, deep loneliness, as the one described in this article, will not be solved through a romantic relationship. Instead, therapy will help you address boundary issues, thinking and belief issues that are preventing you from having the stability, safety and peace of mind that you crave for.

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