Trust in Romance

Are you somebody who feels that they have trust issues? Do you have a hard time trusting a person when you start a new relationship? Do you constantly wonder if the person is going to cheat on you? hurt you? leave you? Do these feelings often leave you insecure and cause unnecessary fights that often lead to the premature ending of a relationship?

People who describe themselves as having trust issues have an externalized view of how trust works. They often think that trust is something external, that has to be given to them by someone performing tasks or activities, like access to email or phones

For the person who doesn’t trust, the concept of trust is often misunderstood. This is likely a function of not having healthy relationship patterns developed through childhood and into adulthood. People who don’t trust easily often struggle to have healthy boundaries and do more give everything, get hurt and then put up walls: Repeat.

If you are somebody who is tired of having trust issues and is tired of feeling insecure, Therapy can help. Do you want an end to having relationships that start off really good, have an intensity, only to be met with insecurity, unnecessary fights and then abrupt endings, therapy can be an effective way to help you lean healthy relationship patterns.

You can learn how to trust yourself and trust other people by setting healthy boundaries, learning effective communication skills and help you to develop a life that will allow you to be an equal partner with a person. Therapy helps people develop these skills

Often people think therapy is for people who lack common sense, have severe mental health issues, or only in crisis. The reality is therapy helps people develop healthy thinking habits, managing emotions, all to serve and develop healthy relationships.

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