Lost Intimacy

Has the intimacy left your relationship? Are you needing help restarting the intimacy? Do you want coaching and some advice on how best to restart it? Are you finding it hard to talk to your partner about the lack of intimacy? When you try to talk about intimacy in your relationship does it wind up in tears and fights?

Getting help for intimacy is something that All in the Family Counseling Centre has specialized therapy and counselling for people looking for help. Tammy Fontana is a clinically trained sex therapist as well as a mental health counselor. She is a permanent resident in Singapore with over 16 years of life experience in South East Asia and working with clients from a wide variety of cultural and religious backgrounds.

Ms. Fontana has developed a comprehensive program to help people kick start their intimacy. The need to have a strong, close intimacy is vital to the success of a relationship and marriage.

Tammy Fontana’s specialized training in intimacy and sexual matters, as well as overall relationship dynamics helps her to navigate clients’ intimacy issues. Discussing intimacy issues with a stranger can be very scary and many people find it painful. Don’t let fear, embarrassment and shame stop you from getting the help that you need.

A clinically trained mental health therapist and sex therapist has heard and seen it all. They provide a safe and non-judgmental place for you to come and successfully navigate difficult conversations. Intimacy is a huge part of any marriage. It makes it safe and stable, creates a special bond to soften the edges and allow couples to navigate life together.

you would like to learn more about how intimacy coaching and intimacy therapy could work for you, contact All in the Family Counseling to schedule an initial consultation. You can send a WhatsApp message to Tammy Fontana at +6590307239 to schedule your initial consultation.

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