Need vs. Love

Are you somebody who confuses being needed with being loved? Do you find that you are often working really hard in a relationship and yet can’t get the appreciation or love that you crave? Do you find that you often doing everything that your partner asks of you even if it is difficult you? Leaving you frustrated and sad when they don’t appreciate you? Do you feel often that it is unfair that you are doing so much for your partner and yet they don’t do anything for you?

Some people grow up thinking and confusing the need to be needed with being loved. Often these people are doers, they do a lot, they are highly active, doing many things for their partner and other people and will find pleasure and happiness in this. In fact, they may say they are people pleasers or that they find pleasure in being needed or doing things for other people.

However, one of the consequences is they create relationships with a lot of drama, frustration and tension. The person who needs to be needed is often trying to show the person how hard they are trying, how much they love them and yet no matter what they do to they can’t get the appreciation. This dynamic is not a healthy foundation for any kind of relationship.

Being needed is not the same as being loved. Being loved is a choice, it is decision to accept the other person and to form agreements. Often these relationships in which somebody needs to be needed are filled with a lot of insecurity and drama.

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