Moving On After Breakup

Moving On After Breakup

Are you having a hard time getting over a relationship? Has your relationship ended weeks or months ago, yet you are still stuck and cannot seem to move on? Do you feel overwhelmed by the prospect of being single or being alone? Are you stuck with fear of dating or moving on?


One of the things that keeps people stuck and unable to get over a relationship is that they are not able to admit that they are afraid of dealing with life feelings that come with a relationship ending. Many people do not know how to deal with these overwhelming feelings.


The feelings that come with a breakup are feelings of loss, grief and the inability to deal with the feeling of being single or alone. Other feelings, that are troublesome for people who are unable to move on from a relationship, are the feelings associated with:

starting over,

  • getting back into the dating,
  • what does it mean to be single,
  • how do they deal with the feelings of a failed relationship,
  • how do they deal with the feelings of somebody rejecting them,
  • how do they deal with the feelings of people asking them what happened,
  • facing their family and friends when the relationship ends.


These are complicated feelings that many people do not want to face consciously and as a result they stay connected to their relationship that has ended. They do not want to move on. They still hope that the relationship will come back. They keep pining over what went wrong. They do not want to go through the grieving and separation process that would require them to deal with feelings they may not know how to feel, or they do not feel equipped to feel.


If this sounds familiar to you, All In The Family Counselling Centre Pte Ltd, along with their lead therapist Tammy Fontana, have extensive experience in helping people deal with the complicated feelings that come from a relationship ending. Oftentimes, people need help to process these feelings and have new, helpful constructs to think about their situation and how to process the feelings that come from them.


If you would like help, because you feel you have been stuck too long processing a feeling or overcome by dark feelings, depression feelings, hopeless feelings, All In The Family Counselling Center Pte Ltd can help you.


Contact us now by sending us a WhatsApp at +65 9030 7239 for more information on how we can help you. All In The Family Counselling has been providing therapy for more than a decade and a half. Our lead therapist, Tammy Fontana, has extensive experience working with people with trauma, attachment issues, issues around divorce, infidelity, complex feelings that come from depression and anxiety. If you would like help, no need to stop now.


All In The Family Counselling Centre Pte ltd. has been providing therapy online since 2015. Online therapy offers great flexibility of time, day of week, saves clients time and commuting and can provide greater flexibility and consistency, which is important for therapy. If you would like to learn how therapy can help you, contact us at +65 9030 7239.

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