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Are you somebody who is in pain in your relationship? Are you searching the internet for tips and tricks? Have you tried counselling, reiki, hypnotherapy or other things looking for quick fixes, tips and tricks to issues around relationship, trauma, anxiety or depression? Are you getting frustrated that nothing works? How many more times do you want to keep trying quick fixes until you realize that maybe the issue is a little bit more complex than what you want to admit it might be?


There are a lot of people out there selling quick fixes. Just as in dieting. There are all these diets that promise you can eat anything you want, as long you eat certain things, and still lose weight.


The reality with life, as with diets, is pretty simple. You have to eat fewer calories than you consume which means you are going to have to struggle and suffer and be hungry in order to lose weight.


The reality too is, with many mental health issues or relationship issues, this idea that there are quick fixes or tips and tricks by doing meditation, by doing these ideas by positive thinking or any of this kind of good psychological interventions that are presented as quick fixes. They often cause more harm and prevent people from really dealing with complexity that is often required to deal with issues around depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, repetitive relationship problems, sexuality issues.


All in The Family Counselling Center Pte Ltd and lead therapist, Tammy Fontana, understand that by the time people are reaching out and looking for help, whether it is through therapy, counselling or coaching, they are in a lot of pain and they want to feel better quickly. The reality is that many times people wait way too long before receiving help because of the meaning that they give to getting help.


A lot of people have ideas that mental health is only for people who lack common sense or are poor or have addiction issues. However, a lot of high functioning people who are extremely educated, make lots of money, are married can be struggling with mental health issues.


Mental health issues are things such as not being able to deal with the feelings that are coming from life such as disappointment, not getting what we want in the exact way we wanted, having gotten bad messages around human behavior, how relationship work, how boundaries work.


All of these things can produce mental health issues. Mental health issues are often resulting from people who may be underdeveloped in certain parts of their life in terms of ways of thinking and processing information coming from relationships, from their feelings, from knowing how to organize and plan and make decisions.


Therapy is helping people not through quick fixes, tips and tricks because those are gimmicks and they actually do more harm than good. Instead, therapy is helping people to learn how to think. We are helping you to learn how to self-reflect introspect and learn how to process and understand what your feelings are trying to tell you and cross reference that with facts such as things we can see, count and feel.


Therapy helps you to become aware of dysfunctional and unhealthful beliefs that you may have, that you do not recognize, that are harming you in areas around human behavior, decision making, love, anger, emotional regulation. If you are tired of looking for quick fixes that only leave you feeling disappointed in yourself and more hopeless contact All In The Family Counselling Centre Pte ltd to learn how we can help you.


Our therapist, Tammy Fontana, has extensive experience working with people who are facing difficult life issues, who have trauma, attachment, have low self-esteem. Contact us at +65 9030 7239 and learn how we can help you.


All In The Family Counselling Centre Pte Ltd has been providing therapy for over a decade. We have been providing online therapy since 2015 which provides clients consistent, flexible coverage. We have experience working with difficult cases, anxiety, depression, infidelity, and sexual intimacy issues. Contact us now to learn how we can help you.

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