How to have sex in marriage

How to have sex in marriage

Are you married and your spouse doesn’t want sex? Have attempts to talk to them about sex ended in tears and frustration? Are you confused as to why you are finally married and now you are not having sex? Have the initial attempts of sex been painful, frustrating and unsuccessful? Do you want to know how to have sex in your marriage and how to talk to your partner about having sex?


Too often couples are disappointed at how difficult having sex is in their marriage. A common theme among these couples is that they often have been told sex is for marriage, that they have to wait, they have been given negative sex messages about their bodies or their life and they are supposed to wait until marriage, and negative and bad things will happen if you have sex before marriage.


So, years and years of different mild types of sex shaming and negative sex messages, unfortunately, do not disappear on the day after wedding. As a result, many couples are struggling with vaginismus, erectile dysfunction, painful sex, sex that can’t be completed and a bunch of disappointment. People are often sad and confused as to why marriage is not causing their sex and how to solve this.


All In The Family Counselling Center recognizes that not everybody is ready to do individual couples therapy to address sex. We have designed a series of talks to answer how to have sex in a marriage, how to talk to your partner, how to create an environment that is supportive to sex.


Our online educational talks address the uncomfortable nature people often experience when talking about sex. They want it to be private and confidential and it is often very difficult for people to reach out for help among a therapist who is a stranger, friends or family. Our online talks allow people to create anonymity while at the same time being able to have direct access with an expert to answer questions and get the knowledge that they need. Our online talks will provide education about how to do sex, how to talk to your partner, debunking myths and at the same time use case studies to help people understand different ways they can address problems.


We provide thoughtfully taylored confidential education classes. We realize not everyone is ready for therapy. Visit our website to learn about these:


Our online educational talk will also create a path for couples to engage in individual or couple therapy where they can address individually their needs, learn specifically what they need for their particular situation.


Another path from the education is to take our Croatia retreats pleasure principle where we help couples translate what they are learning in therapy to an experiential holiday in which couples can reconnect to each other, learn how to have fun, learn how to resolve differences and communicate more effectively and bring back the intimacy they desire.


All In The Family Counselling has been providing therapy for just under two decades. Tammy Fontana, our lead therapist, is used to dealing with difficult cases around infidelity, sex and intimacy, communication and conflict, parenting differences, anxiety and depression. If you would like to learn more, contact us at or visit our web site or whatsapp us at +6590307239

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