Married and no sex

Have you finally gotten married and wondering where is the sex? Did you get married with the intention to have rich sex life, but that is not happening? Are you confused, concerned and distressed that your marriage has not caused the sex life that you wanted or hoped? Is there tension and conflict between you and your partner over how to start and create an interesting and meaningful sex life? Do you want to have sex in your marriage?

All too often, people are not prepared for how to manage their sex life and think that marriage will cause sex to happen. People delay having sex prior to marriage for a variety of reasons, such as religious reasons, societal reasons, personal reasons, and then once they get married the sex doesn’t happen and people don’t know how to communicate, problem resolve or have sex.
Worse, after waiting so long to have marriage to have sex, when people engage in sex it can be a negative experience for one or both people. People may experience pain, loss of erection, vaginismus or other issues that they weren’t anticipating, making what seems to be a fun and pleasurable thing, difficult and painful.

All In The Family Counselling Center Pt. Ltd. and lead therapist, Tammy Fontana, realise people need education about how to create a healthy sex life in their marriage. Healthy sex life is a pillar and foundation for good sex. In Singapore and in some southeast asian countries lack of sex is ground for divorce. Most people do not want to get married and not have a fulfilling sex life and yet, they are shocked to learn marriage doesn’t cause sex.

We provide thoughtfully taylored confidential education classes. We realize not everyone is ready for therapy. Visit our website to learn about these:

We have designed a series of educational webinars through our online learning programme. We realise that not everybody is ready for individual couple therapy. Our online educational series are unique because they address some of the most common concerns people have, that go above and beyond sexual techniques and help people to learn how to talk and communicate and address their feelings and anxiety about sex and how to talk with their partner.

The online platform provides a unique experience because people can be anonymous. You do not need to go into an office and reveal who you are. Talking about sex and sexual problems is often very sensitive and embarrassing for people, unfortunately, and our educational talks solve this problem. At the end of a talk you will receive a certification, you will have more confidence and information, and you will have a path to enter into individual couple therapy, should you like, or a path to enter into our Croatia retreats pleasure principle programme.

We, at All In The Family Counselling Center, recognize everybody has different needs and are in different places and we want to be here to support you to get the life and relationships that you want. To find out more contact us at for more information about our education, therapy or our Croatia retreats.

All In The Family Counselling Center is the leading therapy center in Southeast Asia. We have been providing therapy for just under two decades. We are used to dealing with difficult cases, sex and intimacy, individual and couple counselling, communication, conflict, anxiety and depression. Contact us to learn more! Email us at or whatsapp us at +6590307239

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