Rethinking your holiday

Rethinking your holiday

Are you looking to take a holiday so that you can get away? Do you have a desire to take a holiday in which you can sit on the beach and do nothing while at the same time looking for purpose and inspiration? Are you so exhausted and so overwhelmed you just want to be alone? Are you looking for a way to reconnect to yourself and get inspiration and find your purpose and you are wondering how your holiday can serve that?

It’s time for you to start rethinking how you use your holiday. As a therapist I, Tammy Fontana, have unique insights in how to help people achieve their life goals and their experiences. One of the ways I do this is helping clients rethink how they are using their holidays. A common consistent request that I constantly hear from people ask is:

What is my purpose?
How do I find my purpose?
How do I reconnect to myself?
How do I reconnect to my spouse or my family?
How do I find inspiration?
How do I find the motivation to go on and live?
How do I create that next business idea so I can quit my job and start my own company?

So many people don’t know how to use their holiday in a meaningful way to achieve those goals. How are you going to achieve the above stated goals by sitting on a beach and doing nothing? How are you going to achieve those goals by creating a very stressful holiday driving from city to city or touring museums and being jet-legged and tired? How are you going to solve those goals when you and your partner can’t agree on what kind of holiday you want to have or what you want to do? How are you going to manage the kids and achieve goals of calm, relaxation and restfulness?

All In The Family Counselling is not a tour guide or a tour operator, rather we are an experiential guide. We are helping people rethink their holidays and use them to achieve their life goals. Our Croatia retreats are customized to address the above stated goals of finding inspiration, purpose, reconnecting to yourself and your family. We know how to help people create experiences and help you to rethink how you can use your holiday.

Our Croatia retreats may look like a holiday, but they are actually therapy. We listen to what your goals are and then carefully construct people with our deep network of resources and the rich environment that is provided in Croatia to help people achieve inner peace, reconnecting to self, rediscovering who they are and finding their purpose and meaning. We also can use them to help facilitate couples reconnecting to one another, finding their intimacy and exploring how they can build a relationship and address their differences.

All In The Family Counselling provides educational talks, individual and couple therapies, our portal and our Croatia retreats. It’s time for you to start rethinking how you think about therapy and how you use your holiday. Contact us to learn how we can help you make the most of your holiday and achieve the life goals that you want.

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