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Baby Sleeping Training Advice Helping Parents Across Singapore

Baby Sleep FairyEstablished in 2006 Baby Sleep Fairy is a specialized partner company of All in the Family Counselling Centre Pte Ltd.

BabySleepFairy is a baby and child sleep consulting company that helps parents solve common baby sleep problems. Is your young child suffering from sleep problems, such as middle of the night waking, early morning waking and napping or bed time struggles? Baby Sleep Fairy offers baby sleep training solutions that will solve your problems in no time.


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Why sleep training fails, part 1

Sleep is a brain function and something that must be learned. Baby Sleep Fairy provides an evidence based approach on appropriate baby sleep behaviour, explaining normal child sleep development, defining sleep problems and busting ill-founded, ignorant cultural beliefs about sleep. Parents are assisted in choosing the best approach to solving their child's sleep problems, as Ms. Fontana doesn’t base it on any one method but rather works on a flexible, personal level that is responsive in providing baby sleep help.

For more information on how BabySleepFairy can help you, contact us at 9030 7239 or send us an email

No Medals given for sleep deprivation- Correct your child's sleep

Myth of 7 to 7, and other harmful child sleep myths

Why our Sleep Solutions work and what you are investing

Don't Put off to Tomorrow what can be Easily be Fixed Today, says Ms. Fontana

“Too often parents will avoid or delay correcting their children's sleep problems because of fears of tantrums and tears based on horror stories about sleep training. Often the lack of success comes from not correctly understanding how sleep works and the incorrect application of sleep training methods. Unremittingly, parents tell me that their ’sleep training’ efforts failed, yet during conversation it becomes evident that they have misdiagnosed the problem, implemented the wrong solution AND are enforcing this solution incorrectly. For instance, there are actually four core sleep problems, but most people focus on only one problem: night waking. Yet night waking can be affected by the three other problems and, if these are not addressed, the night waking will remain unfixed.

“Sleep is both a brain and biological function. Sadly, sleep success is often prevented by cultural beliefs, pop culture books and websites that provide misinformation and generalisations about child sleep behaviour. Clinically, the process of sleep is very well understood. It is a behavioural, not medical, issue. So it is important to work with a mental health professional trained in child development, rather than a paediatrician or nurse trained in biology and not behaviour.  Once sleep is understood, appropriate sleep methods can be implemented. Correcting sleep isn't difficult or time-consuming, and in fact most problems can be fixed in 1 to 4 nights.

“What is your sleep worth to you? Research consistently shows that a child’s poor sleep habits affect the whole family. Poor child sleep habits increase the risk of a mother developing post-natal depression, endangering the maternal bond with her child. Moreover, poor sleep for adults reduces tolerance, exacerbates frustration and lowers focus and thought processes – all detrimental to both your work and social life. Your child suffers similarly, experiencing lessened capabilities and happiness.

“Really, can you afford to ignore sleep problems? Contact us to learn how our child and baby sleep help can help you turn things around quickly in our 90 minute sleep consultation.”

Common Sleep Issues

  • Night time wakings
  • Bed time struggles, taking 30 minutes or longer to get the child to bed
  • Middle of the night wakings for 1-2 hours each night whereby no amount of ignoring solves the problem
  • Early morning waking, where the child is really ready to start the day at around 4:30 or 5am
  • Problems with napping, either the child won't nap, needs to be held to sleep or takes very short naps
  • Transitioning from cot to big bed and won't stay in the bed
  • Needs a lot of assistance to fall asleep at night such as rocking, bouncing, patting or feeding

The Importance of Sleep

Sleep is very important for maintaining a healthy immune system, the ability to regulate emotions and a receptiveness to learning. Poor sleep will reduce these capacities in a child. When looking at sleep, it’s important to not only assess the amount of sleep your child is getting, but also look at the sleep consolidation and sleep distribution over a 24-hour period. By 6 months of age children should be sleeping 6 hours in a row and have zero to one feed. By 9 months children should be sleeping uninterrupted at night. Indeed, continuing to feed at night reduces the quality of sleep and is indicative of a sleep problem.

A Child's Sleep and School Performance Performance explains the link between sleep and school performance in greater depth.


A consultation is 90 minutes long and includes an action plan and sleep notes emailed to you after the consultation. The focus is to help parents solve their current problems as well as give them a deeper understanding of baby sleep training methods to avoid future problems. Clients usually only need one consultation, and consultation is available interactively to parents not just in Singapore but also around the world.

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