Imposter syndrome ED

Imposter syndrome ED

Are you filled with a lot of anxiety about your abilities? Do you feel like you have imposter syndrome? Are you terribly afraid people will find out the truth about you? Are you constantly plagued by feelings of insecurity, doubt and low self-worth? Does your imposter syndrome create procrastination in you? Do sometimes these feelings become so overwhelming it prevents you from doing your work or engaging with people?

Imposter syndrome is a phrase designed to capture feelings of somebody doing things that they are not qualified to do. Imposter syndrome often has roots in emotionally neglectful childhood. People who are plagued with feelings of doubts about their abilities, their skills, often came from a family in which they were, in some shape or form, required to behave older and more competent than their years. In their family they were, as a child, required to emotionally support a parent who was probably suffering from some sort of mental health challenges.

As a child, they were often forced to act or do things that were beyond age appropriateness. As a result, they were being an imposter, they were faking it, they were pretending to be something they were not and then this feeling gets integrated into your identity.

As an adult, you are constantly being plagued by these feelings of imposter or fraudulent abilities. You are constantly afraid somebody will find out. Usually, people like this are highly educated, have lots of skills, are successful in their career, however, they cannot escape from this feeling that drives them and overwhelms them.

All in the Family Counselling Centre Pte. Ltd. has extensive experience in helping people overcome imposter syndrome. We provide individual and couple counselling to address this.

We also realise not everybody is ready for therapy. We have created educational talks on imposter syndrome and how to start dealing with it – what it is and what is required to make it go away. Our educational talks are done in the privacy of your home and are anonymous. You will be provided a Zoom link in which you can keep your anonymity secure. At the same time, it gives you full access to our therapist in which you can interact and ask questions through audio, chat or text messaging. At the end of the session you will receive a certification.

We provide thoughtfully taylored confidential education classes. We realize not everyone is ready for therapy. Visit our website to learn about these:

All in the Family Counselling Centre has been providing therapy to Southeast Asia, Singapore, Thailand for just under two decades. Tammy Fontana, our lead therapist, has extensive training in working with difficult clients and cases, infidelity, sex and intimacy, communication and conflict, depression and anxiety, for individuals and couples.

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