Divorce Overwhelm

Divorce Overwhelm

Did you and your spouse decide to end your marriage and you are feeling overwhelmed? Do you want to manage your feelings and emotions so that you can do well by your children? Are you struggling to manage the meaning you give to your marriage ending? Do you feel scared and overwhelmed about becoming single? Do you have questions about parenting your children through the divorce and after it? Do you know how to manage the reaction of your family and friends?

The decision to end a marriage can come about for many reasons. The meaning people give to ending a marriage is just one part of the journey into a new life stage. For many people, ending of a marriage can be overwhelming and frightening. Other times, people may not want to end the marriage, but their partner does and then can leave a person with many conflicted feelings, hurts and fears. Other times, people call into question their self-worth and value.

Ending a marriage can also have complication for your children. Individuals ending their marriage worry about how to talk to their children about the ending of the marriage. Once married couples, now have to learn how to work together to co-parent. Difficulties about money take on new meaning.

Other times, a person may have to re-enter the work force as a result of a divorce. Lifestyle changes occur after a divorce for one or both of individuals and their children. This can produce many strong and conflicting feelings.

Aside from the legal and practical issues of ending a marriage, there are many emotional and personal developmental tasks to be accomplished to ensure the transition to a new life stage. Working through anger, resentment and hurt are very important to resolve so that the person can start the next part of their life. Also have strengthening your self-esteem and confidence as you are tackling new life challenges are important to resolve.

All in the Therapy Counselling Pte. Ltd. Helps individuals manage the complex issues faced with ending a marriage. If you want support and guidance through this period, we can help you manage it in the least painful way possible.

Therapy provides a structured, safe and healthy relationship to help a person be able to recognize and process their feelings to make informed and healthy decisions and behaviors. If you want your life and relationships to better, don’t wait. Help is there for you.

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