Overcoming Bad Feelings

Do You Feel Bad…and are sick of it?

Do you find that you feel like you have more bad days than good days? Do you feel that you have a lot of bodily pain that comes with your depression and anxiety? Are you struggling to sleep at night because the onslaught of negative thoughts overwhelms you and keeps you awake? Do you feel like all of your friendships are fake or meaningless? Are you just feeling like you can’t find purpose or meaning to your life and every day is the same difficult struggle?

These periods, or phases are really very difficult. I have a lot of empathy for the people struggling to deal with how their life feels so overwhelming and at times down right hopeless and scary. These periods seem to come in waves often at the height of a really good period. The person is caught off guard, and this down period hits, taking with it all the good the person was enjoying.

If you find that you are affected by these periods that can last from days to weeks and are tired of it, there is help. Engaging in a comment to therapy has been shown to be very helpful to reduce and improve the quality of life for clients struggling with these feelings.

Is it easy? No it isn’t.

Is it fast? Probably not. But with a commitment to do the work clients see steady progress.

Does it cost money? Yes of course, but it is an investment in your quality of life. When I’ve worked with clients who have committed to the process and invested in themselves, I’ve seen them make more money, grow their business and improve their careers. Once you stop getting in your way and you can really sore.

Does it take courage? Yes! It takes courage to reach out and hope for a better life. It is possible. But it will require a commitment and effort on your part. Like learning anything new or making a change, it does require a stick to-it-ness. But in therapy, you will not being going a lone.

At All in the Family Counselling Counselling Centre, for clients that choose a package, there is a portal, http://www.mynewbeginningsclub.com with videos to support you in between sessions. Clients on a package get reach out for support via whatsaapp. We offer intensive retreats to provide therapeutic experiences to enhance the office work. Retreats provide intensive therapy and increases that greatly intensify your treatment and speed up your goals.

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