Overwhelming Emotions

Do you find that you can manage most emotions on most days, but every so often and quite unpredictably you lose control and feel and act irrationally? Do you find that stress and tension can build up, but if it is not released and keeps building and building, you lose control, becoming irrational? In these states you’ll then find it very hard to calm down and self-sooth?

Do you find that relationship matters can set you off?  Do you often have fears of being cheated on by your partner? Do you fear that they will lose interest in you? Do you find that when you need comforting and are overwhelmed and your partner doesn’t sooth you in the right way it makes your feelings worse and causes damages to your relationship? Do you lash out at anger when this happens and fill your emotional state worsen?

This is a common issue that I help many clients, or couples deal with. I have many successful and well-educated individuals that in certain circumstances (that often become predicable through therapy) feel at times very emotionally out of control. For many days and weeks and many situations they can be fine in managing their feelings and emotions. Many times, people do not seek professional therapy because they feel embarrassed and ashamed. They will vow to do better but often fail.

Many people are confused by these extreme outbursts of feelings that can last for days or weeks. They will describe their states as having feelings that are so big and overwhelming that they cannot speak or ask for what they need. They may even have trouble identifying what is making them so extremely and disproportionably out of control. They can even have a type of out of body experience of feeling out of control and so overwhelmed, but it doesn’t respond to logic.

In those states they can become very vicious, mean and even cruel to those that love them and are trying to help them. They will say and do things to those they love that are completely out of bounds.

Once the person comes back to a more in controlled state, they will have to have the face the guilt and shame of doing and saying the things they did while in such a distressed state. It can permanently alter relationships and states.

If this sounds like you or someone you love, this is something that long-term therapy can help a person develop emotional regulation skills. If you would like to learn more, it is advisable to schedule an initial consultation. The best is to WhatsApp us at +6590307238 or email Tammy AT ALLINTHEFAMILYCOUNSELLING DOT COM

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