Self destructive behaviour

Self destructive behaviour

Self-Sabotaging Behaviors

Do you find that when things get to good for you, you unconsciously do something to sabotage it? Do you find that when you when you are in a group setting, you behave in an irritating or off-putting way? Do you unconsciously reject people who are trying to get to know you and yet complain of being alone or having no romantic partners? At work, do you find that you keep undermining yourself by being disorganized and making careless mistakes? Do you find that you drink to excess and then end up creating relationship problems with friends or family?

Do you want a better life with more positive inputs but can’t seem to get out of your own way?

Clients are often coming into me with some sort of crisis that they have unconsciously induced. They have a repetitive pattern of blowing up good things in their life. They are highly educated, successful and well-liked individuals. But they cannot seem to stop themselves from creating self-destructive problem in their life.

Does this sound familiar to you? Are you tired of having to pick up the mess you have created through destructive behaviors? Are you troubled why you can’t seem to just enjoy good times? Are you tired of procrastinating on starting things that are good for you like that degree, or taking that language class or paying the bills?

These issues are often complex in their nature and stem from patterns learned and internalized early in life. These are common issues that I work with clients on to help them start becoming conscious of their destructive pattern and choose consciously better alternative.

Therapy is the process of engaging in a special relationship to help a person emotionally and psychologically develop and become the best version of him or herself. Mental health skills are not innate but rather they are learned. If we did not have good teachers, primarily our parents, we may have developed coping mechanisms in childhood to survive and then we continue them on into adulthood with less than stellar results.

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