Adapting to Change

Have the recent radical changes due to the virus causing you stress and uncertainty? Is the fluid nature of Covid-19 virus making It difficult for you to plan? Are you having a hard time knowing how to work form home and stay connected? Has all the social restrictions and quarantine and radical changes to how we conduct work and life making it difficult for you?

People are now struggling with how to deal with the radical changes that are required in order to deal with Covid-19. Many people are struggling with the economic uncertainty, the increased global anxiety and a lack of the ability to plan for trips, holidays, education overseas, taking care of family.

These times are of extreme measures and require even more solid mental health, the ability to stay anchored in reality and manage strong emotions so that they are not driving us is of utmost importance. Investing in your mental health, making sure that you know how to be self-reflective and identify your feelings so that they do not drive you. The successful people will be able to access all of their mental health tools.

Many people, in this period, are being overwhelmed by very intense emotions of anxiety, fear, uncertainty, insecurity. These strong feelings can have a sense to overwhelm us, distort our ability to have good decision making. One of the key tools and fundamental mental skills that therapy provides people is the ability to become self-reflective, identify their feelings and not let their feelings control them. When we are being driven by our feelings we are more likely to make poor decisions, rash decisions, irresponsible decisions that cause more problems for us in the future.

If you would like help getting your mental health in order to have a solid foundation in which to face this economic uncertainty, therapy can help you do that in a fairly succinct amount of time. If you would like to learn more about how therapy can help you, please contact Tammy Fontana at All in the Family Counseling Centre Pte Ltd by a WhatsApp at +6590307239 to schedule an initial consultation.

We are providing online therapy in compliance with Singapore government’s recommendation for telecommuting and work from home in an effort to help control and stop the spread of Covid-19, both community spread and import cases. Online therapy provides the same high quality of therapy as if you are doing it in the office. It is the quality of the therapist that matters, not the physical or online location. You are always meeting Tammy Fontana, our director and lead therapist at All in the Family, whether it’s online or in-office. Please visit our website and our online therapy page to learn more about how online therapy is the same as in-office.

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