Pandemic Stress

Do you feel lost and confused in the post-COVID world? Has the global pandemic disrupted how you do fun? Are you single and worried about how you’re going to meet somebody with the social distancing and face masks? Has all of your old ways of having fun, self-suiting and relaxing been taken away from you post the COVID world?

The global pandemic has abruptly changed everybody’s life in dramatic and unrecognizable ways. For many people travelling, exploring the world was a way of coping and dealing with stress. Going out, meeting friends, socializing, having partys, entertaining, getting together was another way that people coped and dealt with the mundane aspects and difficulties of life.

Stress and anxiety has existed before the global pandemic and will continue to exist after the pandemic. The way we deal with it has changed because our lives have changed. And if you are struggling with how to deal with your anxiety and your depression, therapy can help you.

Many people, such as yourself, are struggling with the anxiety and depression that comes with the unknown. The global pandemic presents us with challenges because it is something we’ve never seen before. Any time somebody has to face new and unrecognizable patterns this can lead to overwhelming anxiety and creating a lot of repetitive thoughts around “What if…”. If you feel consumed by anxiety, economic anxiety, job insecurity, not being able to see family and friends in the way that you used to… This can lead to burn out and overwhelming feelings of loss and hope.

Depression is another common factor that can happen when you feel exceedingly tired, listless, lacking of motivation and inspiration. Maybe you’re struggling to connect to people, maybe you’re struggling to cope with not knowing when you’ll see your family.

If you’re struggling with any of this things, contact All in the Family Counselling Center to discuss how an initial consultation may help you to discover how therapy can help you discover new ways of dealing with stress, anxiety and depression.

All in the Family Counselling has been providing online therapy for over four years. Our practice has been providing therapy for over a decade.

Online therapy is as effective as in office and in fact offers several benefits. It is safer, it is more flexible – provides greater flexibility in terms of hours and days when we can meet, and the most important factor is we are able to build a relationship.

Therapy is about thinking, speaking and self-reflection. Coming in to an office, this is not what therapy is about. It is about the work and team work that you build with your therapist. Therapy is most effective by having consistent, regular sessions with your therapist. If you’d like to learn more about how the therapy can help you contact us at +65 9030 7239 or email

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