What Causes Depression?

Are you somebody who struggles with depression? Does depression often strike when things don’t go the way you want? When you have a bad experience, do you often find depression and darkness start to settle in? Do disappointments or at work or relationships set off depressive episodes? Would you like to learn how to stop having these depressive episodes?

Depression is a learned response that a person develops as a coping mechanism to life not going the way they want it to go. Depression often involves rigidity of thoughts and beliefs. Depressed people often think in terms of all or nothing or how things SHOULD or MUST be a certain way. Depressed people are often driven by FEELINGS. They believe that what they feel is a FACT. They have hard understanding a feeling is just a temporary state that will pass.

Depressed people, through no fault of their own, have not learn the more flexible and healthy thinking skills needed to cope with life. and a person who struggles to have resiliency in the face of adversity or things not going the way they want them to go.

For good mental health, an individual needs to have learned the skills for mental flexibility, self-soothing and the ability to see alternative choices and possibilities before them. People struggling with depression, often through no fault of their own, haven’t been given these mental flexibility skills from early childhood on. The individual develops coping mechanism to survive. However, later in adulthood the skills that helped them cope in adolescence don’t work so well. Depression can be an outcome.

The good news is these are skills that can be learned through therapy. All in the Family Counseling therapy specialized in helping people deal with depression and anxiety that can often come from, be set out as a result of things not going the way people want, not knowing how to deal with disappointment and adversity, or having poor relationships skills. If you would like to learn how therapy can help you, please contact us at +6590307239 to learn how we might help you.

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