Are you somebody who often has difficulty completing activities? Do you find yourself full of energy to start something only to be derailed and sidetracked? Are you often frustrated that you really want to get something done but everything else seems to be distracting you or catching your attention? Do you often say to yourself you are a procrastinator or you have procrastination issues? Have you taken countless time management courses only to not see your procrastination improve?

Procrastination is not actually a time management problem. Procrastination is actually a symptom or a byproduct of a person dealing with anxiety that they are not recognizing. Does it surprise you that procrastination is really about your anxiety or being anxious and not about time management? Well, that is a common misperception that many people share about procrastination.

For many people, they do not recognize how anxious they really are. Often people confuse anxiety or anxious patterns with neuroticism. Many people’s idea of anxiety is somebody running around frantically or being very dramatic or being overwhelmed and having lots of frantic energy.

But, in fact, anxiety can often present itself in unrecognizable ways such as procrastination or intellectually you know you have something to do but you are unable to do it. It may actually even be a task that you want to do, such as studying for something, completing an art project, completing some sort of test or activity for work that you actually want to do but you are unable to do it.

Procrastination is a unique way to help somebody manage unrecognized anxiety. Procrastination produces more intense feelings in which the person keeps delaying the activity they want to do untill it comes to a point where they almost have no choice and then they do it rushed and hurry. So, anxiety produces a sense of relief in which you are creating a crisis that you resolve and that’s why it is a very highly rewarding repetitive behavior. The problem with anxiety and procrastination is that it doesn’t respond to intellect.

People who have procrastination issues which are really undiagnosed anxiety issues often have other underlying issues that are related to lack of self-worth and self-esteem. They may have unknown problems with their belief systems and therefore they are not able to fix this.

If you would like to learn how to address your anxiety issues or procrastination problems consider taking an initial consultation with Tammy Fontana at All In The Family Counselling. Procrastination issues will never be fixed by time management issues. Instead you need to do therapy to help you resolve and reveal the underlying issues around anxiety and self-worth.

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