Anger management help

Do you get so angry that you feel out of control? Do you get so angry that you don’t care about the
consequences of your behavior? Do you find that after your anger has passed you are still left with upset
people who don’t seem to be able to move on? Are you finding that the people who you love are
becoming less and less forgiving and tolerant of your anger management problem? Does your anger
consume you with shame and embarrassment and you feel hopeful because of it?

I work with many individuals who are facing the same problems as you are. Through no fault of their
own, they have not been able to develop the necessary skills to manage how they express and deal with
their anger. Not having these skills can negatively impact important relationships. It can also impact how
you feel about yourself. It often leaves many individuals with shame, embarrassment and huge amounts
of regret.

Too often people with uncontrolled anger outbursts struggle with impulse control issues. The feelings of
anger and rage can become so overwhelming they act out to release the pressure. Often people may
feel that they don’t have any ability to scale or modulate their anger. Fortunately, these are actually
skills people can learn. NO one is born with an anger issue nor is it a personality trait. Instead, it is a skill
one learns in early childhood. However, some people, through no fault of their own, do not get the
necessary skills they need. Therapy teaches people these skills.
Other times people with self-described anger management issue think they have button or triggers.
They are able to convince many people to be responsible for their anger, i.e. telling other people things
they can’t do or say. However, making your behavior the responsibility of other never works in the long
run. Through no fault of their own, this was the best solution they came up with, however, it really
doesn’t work well. It limits other people’s ability to be free and easy because they are now responsible
for someone else. As grown-ups we need to learn how to manage our own behaviors, feelings and

The great news is that learning how to manage and express your anger are skills that can be learned.
Therapy has many ways to help people learn how to process and express their strong feelings. If you
would like to learn better ways to process your anger and express when you are frustrated,
disappointed, hurt, scared or angry, therapy can help you.

Therapy develops in people the skills to identify their feelings and learn proper ways to express their
feelings to enhance communication and relationships. If you would like to learn more about how
therapy can help you, please contact All in the Family Counseling Centre at +6590307239

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